Missing Links An imaginative board game revealing what’s that got to do with it… Can you quickly find a rational link between two pictures in order to move your pawn on the board faster than your rivals will? Find out in this high-speed game where imagination counts.

Pickles to Penguins – Imagination Pickles to Penguins Board Game, the totally new and hilarious party game where you need a fast hand, mind and mouth if you’re going to win. Take a deep breath and let the action and chaos begin. Two cards are turned over and placed alongside the center deck. These are the cards which all players will play to. Players frantically place cards from their own deck on top of either card, but they must say out loud an aspect of commonality between their card and the card in the center.

Mrs Wordsmith Vocabularious Card Game -Featuring more than 200 hilariously illustrated word cards and 150 story prompts designed to fire kids’ imaginations – this game is guaranteed to boost vocabulary and make your whole family explode with laughter!  Developed with childhood literacy experts to ensure children learn the right words in the right way.

Spark Cards Sequencing Cards for Storytelling and Picture Interpretation Speech Therapy Game, Special Education Materials, Sentence Building, Problem Solving, Improve Language SkillsGreat Sequence Speech  Toy Game for Entire Family, Hours Of Educational Fun While Improving Verbal Communication and Learning Sorting and Proper Sequencing Spark, Cards #1 are a Perfect Speech Therapy Material For Classroom and Center Based Activities and Suitable For Kids Of All Ages, Durable High Quality Colorful Large 4.5 x 4.5 Sequence For Kids Picture Cards, Packaged with Stand-Up Custom Tab Dividers, For Easy Accessibility, Great For Conversation Starters, Speech Therapy, Tell Me A Story, Early Learning Skills, Brain Building Questions, Use For MULTIPLE Language Goals, Storytelling, Predicting, Problem Solving, Verbs, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, Inferencing, Reasoning Skills,

6 Language Development Board Games – These 6 board games will help children expand their vocabulary and become confident with different parts of speech. Each board game covers a different area: nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, verbs, tenses and sentence building. The bright illustrations will keep pupils interested and engaged. Each game has playing instructions printed on the board for ease of use. Suitable for pupils aged 7-11 and older children with special needs. They can also be helpful for use with children learning English as a second language. Each boxed game contains 6 playing boards made from durable cardboard, counters, a die and spinners.

6 Questioning Skills Board -Promote speaking and listening skills with these socially inclusive board games.Develop knowledge of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions. Using these board games helps children build an understanding of how questions are used to obtain information while using critical thinking skills.

Spot It Games –  There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards in this party game. Spot it and you win! It can be a great game to build vocabulary and have discussions. There are many different themed versions of this game.

Parts Of Speech Cards – This packet includes parts of speech picture cards (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs of manner) that you can use with your students to help them learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs of manner or as discussion aids. These cards can be used for vocabulary skills. You can view each packet individually by clicking on the following links: Noun Picture Cards: This packet includes 4 sets of noun cards (6 to a page) and recording sheets: (1) 30 person cards, (2) 30 place cards, (3) 36 animal cards, and (4) 36 thing cards. Verb Picture Cards: This set includes alphabetically arranged 93 verb cards (6 to a page) and 3 recording sheets: draw cards and write words in ABC order, use words in sentences, and write present and past tense. Adjective Picture Cards: This packet includes 92 adjective cards (6 to a page) and recording sheets: pick 6 adjective cards from the deck and write 2 nouns for each word, pick n number of cards and write them in the correct box, pick 6 or 8 cards and write a synonym for each word, write a sentence, and write a story. Adverb of Manner Picture Cards: Please note that this packet includes only adverb of manner cards. Adverbs of time, place, frequency etc are not included. There are 62 adverb of manner cards (6 to a page) and recording sheets.


All the Super Duper games that are listed can be bought from SilvereyeProducts in Australia.

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