Dystinct Magazine was founded during the lockdown to support dyslexic children and their families through this long lonely road ridden with obstacles that is uniquely ours. We are here with a commitment to empower dyslexics and their champions so that, they can discover the strengths within themselves and appreciate the uniqueness that dyslexia has offered them.

Nomanis Journal/Bulletin 

Nomanis as a vehicle for promoting the ideas and evidence about effective instruction in reading and related skills, for teachers, parents, fellow professionals and policy makers.  Their aim is to provide readable and engaging accounts of developments in the teaching of reading and writing, distilled from the sometimes rather esoteric, and certainly dry, research literature. We welcome contributions and correspondence.

The Reading League Journal

The Reading League Journal is the only peer-reviewed publication written and edited by both educators and researchers that focuses on leveraging scientific evidence to improve practice. The Reading League Journal is published in January/February, May/June, and September/October.



Created 18/01/23