Home School – home school somebody to educate a child at home, not in a school.

Home-Schooling – the practice of educating children at home, not in schools.

(Definitions from the English Oxford Dictionary)

Home schooling is one of the biggest steps a parent can take to educate their dyslexic child. Often it’s something we might consider and then think, “I don’t think it is me”, or “I don’t think I can do it!” Then something happens and you may feel it’s the only choice you have left. Home schooling is something most dyslexic parents have thought about at some point, some will go ahead and others will look for alternative options. 

This section of the website has been set up to help guide you to the correct information and the right people to connect with to get support. We have tried to create some resources to give you a starting point, and offer some websites that outline your options. 

We have a few homeschooling parents in our community and they’re always happy to help and share their knowledge, so please reach out and ask. 

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