Dyslexia Friendly

Dyslexia Support NZ for Homeschoolers Facebook group  

Dyslexia Support NZ for Homeschoolers facebook group is for parents who are homeschooling or considering homeschooling their dyslexic child/ren. We only support evidence-based literacy approaches. Discussion is to celebrate successes and discuss challenges, discuss suggestions and is not only related to teaching literacy. Parents who suspect dyslexia are welcome – a “diagnosis” is not necessary to join.

Homeschooling with dyslexia blog  US 

My name is Marianne Sunderland. I  created this site, Homeschooling  With Dyslexia, to share from my  many years of experience teaching  my own outside the box learners.

General Homeschool Blogs and Groups New Zealand

Firelight foundation NZ

The Firelight Foundation is a non-faith based, not-for-profit organisation that provides home education conferences and events to equip, inform and inspire. Giving parents skills and inspiration as they teach, nurture and watch their families grow at home. Enabling them to kindle the flame of learning and ignite a passion to know more.

Homeschool Haven with Kirsty Cammell 

Homeschool Haven is the place to come for organisational tricks, inspiration, creativity, and encouragement to help you make your home into the haven you want it to be. A haven full of life, truth, goodness, beauty… and fun ;-

Homeschool Pick n Mix with Lisa McKenzie

Homeschool Pick n Mix is the place for you to come to get ideas and inspiration for your homeschool journey. Learn practical ways to bring peace, love, joy, truth beauty, and goodness into your home today.

Homeschool Helps by  Cherie Quitecontrary

This is a page for current or prospective home educators to ask questions or reach out to set up personal homeschool coaching time.

Facebook groups 

Homeschool New Zealand 

New Zealand Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Trade/Swap

Home Education in New Zealand

Eclectic Homeschooling NZ

Educating kids with Special Needs NZ

Autism Homeschooling Support Group New Zealand

Websites for curriculums and resources in New Zealand

 Engaging Minds curriculums

CES books curriculum and Christian Educational resources  

Arts and Crafts

Websites for curriculums in the US 

Rainbow Resources  (US)

Christianbooks (US)

Five in Row (US)

We have provided these websites to support you in your journey with homeschooling. Many of the websites will list secular and non secular curriculum’s and we can’t state if they will be evidence based or not. Please do your own research before purchasing.

This document was created by Sharon Scurr founder of the deb in January 2022