Dyslexia – difficulty in reading that is not associated with impairment of intellect, vision, or recognition of letters. (The English Oxford Dictionary)

It can feel like the biggest and scariest word you have heard when you are told your child may have, or does have, dyslexia. We need you to hear us when we say that with the right intervention and teaching approach, your child will learn to read. The word dyslexia is just a normal word with eight letters. 

This section of the website has been designed to support your learning and to build your knowledge and understanding of what dyslexia is and what the best intervention is for your dyslexic child. 

We recommend a good place to start is with these sections of the website:

It can feel overwhelming so take it one section at a time, and remember to breathe. You have found a safe place to learn and a community who is there to support you – both on this website and on the Dyslexia Evidence Based Support Group on Facebook. 

The deb, x