**Saxon Math   Kindergarten and 1-3 for are fully scripted and it repeats the basic concepts all the time building the knowledge and using lots of manipulatives. It’s also very plain. No colour or fancy pictures which works well for kids who get distracted or don’t like colour.

Saxon Math Grade 1 | Homeschool Math Curriculum 1st Grade

Not any easy programme to find in NZ but Book Depository and Booktopia sell it. Some of the math is formatted for the US, like the money and measurement section but you can easily swap in NZ figures. You can buy x100 NZ one cent coins for the place value exercises on Trade Me for $10.00.

There are higher levels but we haven’t investigated these enough. There are numerous videos for guidance you can watch.

Math U See is another good one – you have to use manipulatives which is why we like it, it’s multisensory. You buy this in sections i.e. Alpha is addition and subtraction.



Purchase from Engaging Minds New Zealand 

Prime math is another option based in Singapore. This can be bought through Scholastic once you have your exemption for homeschooling.

Scholastic Prime Mathematics | Scholastic International

Purchase Scholastic New Zealand 


Ronit Bird Dyscalculia Toolkit is an excellence resource (not a programme) to help a child who is struggling with Math.

Dyscalculia Toolkit

Purchase Book Depository or The Nile


NOTE: Please do your own homework before you buy any of these programmes or approaches and see if they fit what you want for your child. Anything with ** before the name of the programme is one of our top choices for children with learning issues in that area.


This document was created by Sharon Scurr founder of the deb in August 2021