A list of resources that are free or affordable to help support your child or student with Math. Understanding that there are two types of subitizing, Perceptual subitizing and Conceptual subitizing is crucial when you are teaching a child with math difficulties. Please take the time to read this article. Subitizing: What Is It? Why Teach It?  By Douglas H. Clements   

Affordable or FREE resources

FREE Ronit Bird Cards  

dotpattern-cards-smallDominos cards and Dot Cards 

NOTE:  Use the dominos to add together and you also use the cards to do the same. You can also use them like a flash cards. Only add the facts you have taught when using domino cards. Dots cards and dominos are great for subitizing. See link at the end to explain subitizing.

Polka Dot game: great for math facts t 2-10. You can play up to 16 games. $25.00 at Whitcoulls   

FREE Expanding mat read the article attached to understand what to do, it demonstrates the importance of place value.

Expanded Form Learning Mat (FREE!) - This Reading Mama

FREE Large Tens Framebuttons or counter use these to give a visual with adding and subtraction – 1 more, 1 less, 2 more, 2 less etc


FREE 100’s board Cover the number and see if they can work out what numbers are missing.

FREE Ronit Bird Games free domino games you can upload on to your device.

FREE Place Value comparing numbers  mat from Math Geek

FREE Place Value War Mat pack of cards  from Clever Monkey

Simple Maths Games To Play Together - grab these FREE printable games to play at school or at home to improve young children's maths skills | you clever monkey

REE Dots to dots on the internet but here is one to 50 and one to 100  

Dot to dot pirntables 1-100

REE Dots to dots on the internet but here is one to 50 and one to 100  

The Dyscalculia Toolkit

FREE Place value board Game from Measuredmom

FREE number bonds mat

REE Large Domino Mat

Math facts and answer cards 

Abeka | Product Information | Addition Flashcards

FREE Numbers 1- 100

Deck of playing cards Games to play with a deck a cards.


A great collection of fun math card games! These are easy, and in most cases all you need is a deck of cards!

Mobi Math  Players must make all their number tiles into a pod – a mathematical crossword using equations instead of words. The first one to make an error free ‘pod’ is the winner! Great fun for children and adults alike.

Pop to the shops  learning to use money – Local toy store $40.00

Orchard Toys Pop to the Shops

New Zealand Money Shopping game  by  you clever monkey


New Zealand Money Shopping Game

Place value Spinners Junior learning

Place Value Spinners

FREE Space chase game addition and subtraction up to 10 you can download it for free or buy it from scholastic $15.00

Numicon – you can use any materials you have it home but we like Numicon $60.00 Edushop 

 Easy Read Time Teacher Student Edition – Single

FREE Bingo Make you own bingo games up or I’m happy to share mine flick me a PM Teen vs Tys 1-100 and up to 100 in 10’s - bingo card generator

Dice games

Math Card Games from Creative Maths  Taster Pack

 Creative Maths Bargain Pack

Here is the YouTube video which will link you to all her videos of her games . 




This document was created by Sharon Scurr founder of the deb in August 2020