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Vanessa and Reilly

vanessa reilly

“Riley started school not knowing his alphabet and was not very good with remembering people’s names or rhyming. These simple things did not worry me in the slightest. He was a clever little boy who loved being outdoors and creating various crafts/engineering projects. But after almost a year at school and not much progress on learning to read or write I knew something was not right. Deciding to homeschool was the best decision for us, it gave us the space to learn what he needed and the time to do individual learning.

Through friends who were in a similar situation to myself, as well as the community on the deb page, I learnt all about Structured Literacy, phonological awareness and how the dyslexic brain works. After spending almost a year trying to teach him the letters and sounds of the alphabet I was starting to worry, but given time and patience he is succeeding. Riley is now 8 years old and improving in leaps and bounds.

Hang in there Mums and Dads, you’re doing a great job and it’s SO worth it!!”