**All about Reading and Spelling



Is an Evidence based programme based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, these multisensory programs teach using a scope and sequence that leaves no gaps in the learning process? This approach aligns with the science of reading and what the International and Australian Dyslexia Association recommends  for dyslexic children and children who struggle, we also know this approach  benefits all types of learners—not just those who struggle.

Each AAR level costs $295, each AAS level costs $89. You’ll also need an “Interactive Kit” that costs $53 – this kit is a one-off purchase that covers all AAR and AAS levels, it includes magnetic tiles and card dividers.  stock this programme and it sell fast to but it if it’s in stock or pit your name down for a pre order. 

Learning Matters

**The iDeaL Approach to Learning by Learning Matters for home schoolers                

This is an online platform designed by Carla McNeil Founder of Learning Matters and her team in New Zealand. Carla’s background is in education and intervention for children with dyslexia and other learning conditions. We wouldn’t like to list the courses she has completed.

The team at Learning Matters have the training and the credentials to support you in teaching Structured Literacy. 

The Ideal platform is almost a one stop shop with everything you need to know and learn about Structured Literacy. It provides educators and parents with an informative, diagnostic, systematic, and cumulative approach to deliver Structured Literacy through direct instruction. 

It will teach you how to teach reading, spelling, parts of speech, a light introduction, writing structure and morphology. Each lesson has a step by step process, there are also webinars to show how to teach certain lessons and articles to read to learn more if you choose. The platform comes with a full assessment package to track your child’s learning if you choose to. 

There is also a light assessment (placement test) to see what knowledge your child does and doesn’t know. This provides you with the information on what lesson or concept you should start with first. 

It is an online platform and all the materials you will need can be viewed on any screen. All the components of the lesson are on PowerPoints making it easy to use and view anywhere in the house that has a screen or you can print materials if you choose.  

Each concept includes a full Lesson plan explaining how to teach it from the scope and sequence, word lists, decodable sentences, spelling words, sounds cards, decodable books, games, phonological awareness tasks plus webinars, articles and much more. There are also some materials like sound cards and extra decodable books you can buy from the Learning Matters shop if you like to have hard copies. 

The basic package which will give you access to everything you need to get you started. It will be your choice if you use the assessments to monitor and collect data to show progress or if you just want to get started that is fine too. 

The plus which includes more support and is more of a hand help approach for parents who will be more comfortable with some extra guidance using the platform and it also provides a good check in service throughout the year. 

The team is looking into supporting and providing some of the information you need to include in the literacy part of your exemption. It can be hard to describe something you are just beginning to learn yourself. They will also provide support with how many times you should be doing the lessons to help with the timetable section of the exemption as well as helping you tie in structured literacy into your term plan. 

We have viewed and used the platform and have been given permission to share a few samples of part of a lesson on Open and Closed syllables on the Platform. 



Please contact Learning Matters to find out more information and if this would work for you and your family. Basic Package starts $249.00 plus GST a year. 

To learn more click on the iDeaL landing page

Parent Pack from Learning Matter


  • Syllable Split instructions
  • Glossary of images
  • Lesson Plans 1 – 10
  • x 20 Syllable Split images
  • Student Activity
  • Handwriting Books x 2

This book is suitable for students in Years 1-3 who are learning to form their letters. The coloured lines and dots assist students to develop an understanding of where letters sit.

For a more detailed explanation on each resource click here 

Liz Kane Literacy

**Liz Kane’s book, The Code

It includes a great, easy to follow scope and sequence that follows the science of reading. It covers the 6 syllables, spelling rules, and prefixes and suffixes (morphology) plus lots more. It also includes a phonological awareness assessment, a lesson plan plus an easy reading and spelling assessment. Stage 1 can be matched up with the first 4 stages of the Little Learners Love Literacy books which you can buy from Liz Kane Literacy or download the app. There are other materials you can purchase that also support The Code on Liz Kane Literacy website. 

 The Code 

The Code is a systematic approach for teaching spelling across the school from Year 1 – Year 8. It includes the Phonological Assessment Screening Tool, a Scope and Sequence, Word Checks to place students on appropriate Year Groups, Progressions for each year level with lists that have an explanation/definition to support Explicit Teaching, a Lesson Sequence and supporting activities.

This is suitable for people who feel comfortable teaching with a scope and sequence and can learn as you go and use different games and activities to help review the pattern or syllable.

Literacy workshops throughout the country this year. 

Webinar explaining the code


**A Parent Pack has been created to help you get started on your journey 

COVID Alert Parent Home Pack

These resources provide engaging and focused activities to teach your child to read, write and spell with confidence. Starting your child on the road to reading is very exciting!

The Code is a systematic approach for teaching spelling across the school from Year 1 – Year 8. It includes the Phonological Assessment Screening Tool.

The Activity book gives letter formation practice, reading practice and a perfect preparation for the Little Learner books. It introduces spelling with Let’s Spell – a super way of teaching children to hear and identify every sound in a word. 

Stage 1 books are introduced once children know eight letters and sounds – m s f a p t c i (two vowels). Each stage has a small number of Heart words – that is high frequency words that children cannot decode at this stage and need to learn by heart. Later these words won’t be Heart words. 

Stage 2 books introduces and practises another eight letters and sounds – b h n o d g l v. Each stage has a small number of Heart words – that is high frequency words that children cannot decode at this stage and need to learn by heart. Later when children have more knowledge of the alphabetic code, these words won’t be Heart words. 

Read and Grab is a simple fun word game which provides lots of decoding and reading practice. It includes cards showing the word list for each stage. Read and Grab game Box 1 has 70 words from the Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 1 & 2.  

These mini size Speed Sounds and Chants cards provide a mnemonic for the graphemes from Stages 1 to 6.  These 37 double sided cards include Milo monkey and his friends as well as the Pip and Tim characters for the consonant digraphs introduced in Stages Plus 4, 5 & 6. 


  • The Code
  • Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book for Stages 1- 4
  • Pip and Tim Stage 1 Books 1-5
  • Pip and Tim Stage 2 Books 6-10
  • Read and Grab Box 1
  • Mini Speed Sounds and Chants Cards Stage 1-6

Click here for the Parent Starter Pack

Sunshine Books

Decodable books and Teacher’s manual (reading only no spelling) 

The programme teaches children phonics skills in a sequential and systematic way so that they can learn the sounds (phonemes) and the letters that represent them (graphemes) and then practise and apply this knowledge through reading a text that makes sense. This ensures that every beginning reader will experience success in their reading from their very first book!

The programme features:

  • Decodable vocabulary with some high-frequency words
  • 100 enjoyable stories with another 80 coming Term 3 and 4!
  • Systematic progression for learning the sounds (phonemes)
  • Full-colour illustrations to support meaning
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Books that include lesson plans, activity sheets and assessment
  • Characters revolve around one family with their friends and pets

Click here for more information


Level 1

Agility with Sound is a programme for older struggling students, specifically students in Years 4 to 10 who have experienced years of failure.

It includes the four Wordchain phonological awareness apps, activities to build fluency, 135 age-appropriate decodable books, and resources to build comprehension and writing skills. It is designed as an integrated package for use in the classroom, delivered by the classroom teacher, or for individual intervention with a tutor. Parents have successfully taught children at home using this resource.

Stephen Parker Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme  – Teachers and Parents  (FREE)

New Second Edition, foreword by Dr. Pamela Snow. A stand-alone resource for teaching your children to read using Synthetic Phonics. Includes the entire Alphabetic Code, a Glossary for Teachers, the Simple View of Reading, a History of Reading Instruction, and a Critique of Balanced Literacy. Hundreds of suggestions for presenting the code to your students.



Reading Instruction and Phonics Theory and Practice for Teachers by Stephen Parker 


To view all of Stephens book please check out the Parkers Phonics website


M.A. Rooney Foundation

Our Mission: ALL children are reading at grade level – Indiana Department of Education Approved Dyslexia training vendor.

Indiana Department of Education Approved Dyslexia training vendor. Download free Orton Gillingham (OG) training manual here 



All the resources that you need to teach from the manual are can be found in the M. A Rooney Foundation website

UFLI Foundations

UFLI Foundations is an explicit and systematic phonics program that introduces students to the foundational reading skills necessary for proficient reading. It follows a carefully developed scope and sequence designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automaticity and confidence. Foundations is designed to be used for core instruction in the primary grades or for intervention with struggling students in any grade.

NOTE:  This programme is designed for mainstream classroom and adjustments will need to be made for dyslexic children. Especially the speed of the lessons.

MSL Homework book

Sold in NZ by J and J Literacy

This workbook is designed for students of Multisensory Structured Language instruction. It is designed to be used alongside lessons conducted with a registered MSL Specialist and should not be used as a teaching and learning tool on its own.

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